These prices were set 7/2010 and they're not ever going to go up!

Disc Orders and Digital Downloads

Discs are $10 and include full original disk with insert unless otherwise marked (CD-Rs are in slip cases).

Klezmer Musicians Against the Wall
(compilation with Sprawl + 13 other bands)
, or download from: klez

Sprawl: "The King of Parking" + "The Deflorist" together on 1 CD-R + king of parking insert
, or download from: Free Rads

The Texas Funk Compilation CD

Sprawl: "Heat Miser / Seaweed / Ska Mitzvah" CD ep only $5

Sprawl: "The Man With The Yellow Hat" CD (CD-R):
, or download from

Necessary Tension

Free Radicals
: "The Rising Tide Sinks All" CD (disk only)
, or download from: Free Rads

Free Radicals
: "Our Lady of Eternal Sunny Delights" CD
, or download from iTunes

Free Radicals
: "Aerial Bombardment" CD
, or download from: Free Rads

: An Anarchist Therapy DVD $12

Sprawl: "America is Dying of Wetnurse" CD
, or download from iTunes

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Old boxes of still sealed vinyl releases found in an attic!
Vinyl records are $10 + extra $2 shipping charge in addition to regular order shipping. If you are ordering more than 2 records, please contact me ( about bulk shipping prices.

Axiom Compilation (LP)