Sprawl: The Man With The Yellow Hat

Hat just had to take that flight to see what he could, didn't want it free no more, maybe he cried "there's got to be more than what's selling at the corner store" feelin' a lack, monkey suit on his back. Packin' up his backpack, and hitting the sky, jack. Man with the yellow hat was feeling like forty - Africa beckoned, he wasn't waitin' no more.

Curious George, flauntin' his bare hide, no need for fig leaves in his defence. Feelin' the morning, when the place starts to rumble with bangs and shouts and collective intent. Elephants run, disguing their ivory, too big to hide, and loosing their wits. They're invading the jungle, and we thought we were pros, but they don't obey nature, they forgot about it. George on the ground, running the wrong way, he wants to know what's causing this scene Yellow Hat's smiling, what a cute little monkey, he could take it and have it and show it what's right. With some manners and a little religion, who knows, this beast may soon see the light.

Curious Goerge, gave the zoo a try, they'd do him in for good, little good did him no good to cry, he wasn't feelin' so fine The man with the yellow hat, had said the place that he was staying at wasn't for George, by George! It ain't no good for you, so off to the zoo. George was to quick for that, so he took a crack He got out while the zookeeper snoozed. Lookin for his friend, but in the end he got captured by a scientist fiend, who tested shampoo.

Yellow's watching t.v., thinking it's good George is getting shaved by nurse NightenRedRidingHood.

Young gifted doctor, loved animals so much, Neutering and un-wombering just wasn't enough Proctor and Gamble beats proctology, or delivering litters of mutts. You trying to get my goat, man We get goats rats, and cats on the installment plan, They cut up George swell, to monitor his sense of smell His grey matter got hooked up to some volts I'm the guy with the hands getting paid, an assistant to the fingerless plan I put the terror into the nose of the beast monitor his reactions, derive rarefactions perscribe myself something to forget this is me So far it's gone swell, but I don't let my head swell, the good stuff is a check at the end of the week.

Curious George, abused and lobotomized, no need for restraints, he ain't feeling a thing Causing no problems for Nurse NightenGallons who sits on the edge with her feet in the sink. Eleven smells remain in his nostrils, and he can't quite remember the junglular scene Thrill to the housewives, impressing the neighbors new lemon scented, just like Mr. Clean Hat should be on trial for his denial he wouldn't have an inch in his defense. Tense, deliberate wounds, inflicted daily, we're already paying, I know it, for our ignorance.

George got on the soup line give him a little time, give him some time time and he'll be doing quite fine soon he'll be going door to door, selling bibles or bananas emulating Yellow Hat tricks - which did him in He'll schmooze like a pro-goon, oozin' into their rooms schlepin' his bag won't remember Africa no more instead he's on his knees on the floor asking god what is this monkey suit for.